Current Projects

1. Sanitation Project:
Our current school bathrooms are rudimentary causing overflow of sewage. We are looking to modify our bathrooms with SATO fitted covers to prevent such overflow and odor. 
Goal: $275 to fix all three bathrooms

2. 30 Sponsors for 30 kids: The best way to guarantee children a quality education is to help offset the cost of the tuition fees. We are looking for 30 families to sponsor 30 children. The monthly cost will help a child continue their education by paying for books, teachers salaries and school lunches. 
Goal: 30 Sponsors

3. Books for kids: When we asked our teachers for a top 10 wish
list, the number one request was books. Our goal is to purchase
books not only for the classroom but also to start a library. Due 
to weight travel restraints, who hope to purchase the books in
Goal: $500 

In 2018 our mission team was busy establishing the framework for our foundation. We met with ministry leaders to discuss the start of a teacher's training school. We also did a medical needs assessment of the community and found health education and communicable diseases were common problems with a simple solution.  We also provided school supplies and fluoride varnish to the school children. 

2018 Mission Team

2019 Mission Team

In 2019, our education team met with community leaders to discuss a permanent location of the school.  We also organized a shoe drive that provided >100 children with a new pair of shoes. Our medical team, hosted a health fair for the surrounding community that provided education on family planning, STD prevention and hand hygiene