Our Projects

Our foundation is constantly working on different projects to fund for the school. Here are a few of our completed projects:

shoe drive

300+ pairs of shoes donated

In the fall of 2019 our team collected nearly 300 pairs of shoes donated from community members. We packed 10 large suitcases full of shoes and flew them over to Uganda with us on our November visit.

house shirts

Provided "House" shirts

In 2018 we provided three different colored sets of t-shirts for all the students at the school. The school is divided into three "houses" for competitions: House McIntosh, House Durski, and House Thomas.

santation toilets

provided toilets for school

In December 2019 we reached our funding goal to be able to provide sanitary toilets for the school.

white board

$390 of $500 needed

We are currently taking donations to be able to provide a white board for the teachers to use for students.

Current Project